Michele Bachmann is a lunatic!

For those of you who didn't listen to my last podcast, I mentioned that I wanted to begin including more social concerns to my activist efforts. I was thinking it's been a while since I had a blog post and I think I've found the perfect opportunity to include such information.

In case you don't know, Michele Bachmann is a Tea Party candidate for president, who's married to a "silverfox," that runs an anti-gay conversion therapy clinic. Basically, he "turns" gays into "straights."

Well, beyond the many things this woman is confused about, she seems to truly believe that gays can be turned straight by God. Yes, she and her anti-gay husband attended an anti-homosexual sermon, where the below video was played. She sat in the crowd and watched the video and then she proceeded to take photos with the pastor putting on the hateful sermon!

It's funny to us, but sad that Bachmann and those sitting in the sermon with her, likely believed this total bullshit. In fact, most mainstream psychology groups agree that attempting to change one's sexuality is incredibly, psychologically damaging.

What do you think? Is this woman a whack-job, or what? And how funny is it that anyone could even think the guy in the above video was a heterosexual?! Anyway, more vegan stuff to come, but just wanted to get this out there while it was fresh on my mind.

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