A very vegan Christmas - the gifts part 2

I think this is going to be the last Christmas post, just wanted to share a few more interesting things I got for Christmas...

Here is a 2oz package of some of the world's most expensive coffee. It's called Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and apparently it only grows on this one specific mountain in Jamaica! Can't wait to try it.

Finally, I got a rice cooker. No more burnt rice to the bottom of my pans! I have heard these are all the rage in Japan. Apparently, rice cookers are like toasters to them over there, everybody has one! I heard a Japanese girl in a interview say that she never even know you could cook rice in a pot until she came to the US ;)

I am so happy I got this new glass pitcher. I like to keep various drinks in the fridge, in addition to water, such as homemade kombucha, iced tea, and even vegan soynog! I have somehow managed to shatter my last two pitchers and have been without one for several months now, so this was a really special surprise!

Here's a brand-spanking new Silpat I got to go along with the fancy Calphalon cookie sheet. Bye bye parchment paper!

Check out the bottom. This baby is industrial! I must say I have used it several times already and it cooks perfectly and evenly!

Don't you think I deserved a new cookie sheet? Man, did I wear this one out. Now you see why I needed to line it with parchment :)

And for the grand finale! My grandmom gave me this crocheted Xmas blanket that I apparently asked for when I was three! She said she needed to keep her promise and has been knitting it for years!!! I finally got it this Christmas!

Thanks Grandmom :)

Well, I'm going to take in the new year here with a few mimosas from the Urban Vegan's upcoming cookbook! I will get a new podcast out ASAP (I know I've been saying that forever, but I'm getting my new mic tomorrow!) and I can't wait to see the new and exciting things 2009 will bring to Eating Consciously. In this new year, if you do anything please respect your health, the planet, and the animals. They really need it. And don't forget, being vegan is always a CHOICE, never a CHORE :)

I'll leave you again with this video to promote empathy and encourage action and inspiration!!! This was one of my biggest accomplishments of this year. I hope you share this with others!

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  1. great gifts, ive been looking for the silpat here, but ive heard it works amazing :D



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