Vegan scrapple has arrived!

So, what was this vegan doing at Scrapplefest this past Saturday at Reading Terminal Market? Trying vegan scrapple of course! Known as Vrapple, this new product is getting rave reviews even by die-hard scrapple lovers. Vrapple even took home the second place spot in the Scrapplefest recipe contest!

Vrapple is the brainchild of Sarah Cain, who also happens to be the manager of the Fair Food Farm Stand in Reading Terminal Market. Although she is not even vegetarian herself, she knew there had to be a better way to make scrapple more appealing. C'mon, it's normally made from a blend of unspeakable pig parts for crying out loud! She has not only accomplished her goal, but accomplished it well.

Vrapple first started being offered at Milkboy Coffee in Ardmore, PA. You can now find Vrapple at Essene, online, and at the Fair Food Farm Stand of course. It is availiable in several different sizes, in addition to food service packs. Wouldn't it be great if every restaurant served Vrapple?

Vrapple has the perfect combination of spicy, salty, and sweet. The texture is phenomenal and allows it to be sliced, crumbled, baked and fried. I personally whipped some up this morning by crumbling it into my Perfect Polenta, mixing in some broccoli and topped it off with some nutritional yeast. It was quite the breakfast scramble. You should go out and get some of this stuff immediately. It's certainly one of a kind. Vrapple even has their own mascot, Wally, who is happily pictured on the package because he knows he certainly won't be going into the next batch of Vrapple!

Vrapple with garlic polenta, broccoli, and nutritional yeast.

Vrapple with tofu scramble and whole wheat toast.

Gotta go.... I'm getting ready for Vegan Drinks Philly tonight! I'll put the recipe up for that tofu scramble I mentioned too, since I just realized I never posted it ;)

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