I love Field Roast!

I recently wrote this article over at the examiner.com, which is my first paid writing gig! Woohoo! I figured I would share it with all of you because I strongly recommend Field Roast products. And no, I'm not getting paid by Field Roast. LOL!

Here's the article:

Grain meat? Have no fear, it is merely a meat made from wheat protein and vegetables. But how can it be meat? Well, the word meat actually comes from an Old English word, mete, which referred to food in general. So, now we can understand why Field Roast touts themselves as being "the original maker of vegan grain meats". In fact, they're so delicious and meaty you could easily trick even the most dedicated carnivores.

Until recently, these grain sausages have been rather difficult to come by here in Philadelphia. Not anymore! Whole Foods at 10th and South St recently started carrying all three varieties of field roast sauages. They come in mexican chipotle, italian, and smoked apple sage. They also carry a delicious stuffed "celebration roast" that is essentially a small grain meat roast filled with stuffing.

So, you may be wondering what you exactly do with grain meat. Well, it can be used in any recipe that would normally call for the animal-based version. All the taste and none of the death. Not only will your body be thanking you, but the animals will as well. Perhaps the most delicious way to prepare field roast sausages is to thinly slice them and toss with whole wheat pasta, tomato sauce, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Voila! A hearty, healthy meal in no time.

It's important that we support these new products at Whole Foods so they will continue to carry them. It would be even better if you could talk to the grocery buyer and ask if they could get even more varieties of Field Roast products. Field Roast products are far superior than most of the other vegetarian meats on the market, so I highly recommend you pick some up soon. The only problem is, once you try them, you will be hooked!

Alright, gotta run, but know that I have just perfected my oatmeal date scone recipe that I will be sharing shortly! Be sure and subscribe below so you don't miss it ;)

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