Veggie Pride!!!

Today marked the first annual Veggie Pride Parade in NYC and it was GREAT! I went with my partner and some fellow friends to celebrate our vegan lifestyle and raise awareness as we paraded the streets with signs, costumes, and chants. We marched from the meat packing district to Washington Square where we had vegan food, exhibitors, live music, and speakers such as Karen Davis, founder of United Poultry Concerns. Most importantly, Viva Vegie Society of NYC coordinated the entire event, mostly by Pamela Rice, the group's founder. Please feel free to send her an email to thank them for this important event she constructed @ pamela@vivavegie.com. Here are some photo's from today's events!

I'm on the left!


  1. Nice photos.. I had a great time.. I have some pics on my blog also.


  2. Great turn-out and clever truthful slogans. I especially liked the pig costume participant saying" I don't have a spare rib! and the bleeding cows saying we all bleed red. I was a chilly pepper and I said "put a little spice in your life! Go veg! I think this day put a little spice in everyone's life. Terrific event!



Propaganda propelled by a gay vegan.