Ready, Set, Go Vegan!

Well, I did it! It's finished! You can now purchase my new e-cookbook, Ready, Set, Go Vegan! 25 simple, funky, cheap recipes for every occasion from drab to fab. Go to www.eatingconsciously.com and click on the right-hand side to purchase your copy for $5.

Here's the table of contents along with page numbers:

Do it yourself!
-Seitan 5
-BBQ sauce 6
-Sour Cream 7
-Hollandaise sauce 8
-Buffalo Sauce 9

-Tofu Scramble 10
-Crepes 11
-Orange Walnut Date Scones 12
-Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes 13
-Ancient Grain Granola 14

Lunches, Appetizers, and Light Meals
-“Chicken” Noodle Soup 15
-Avocado Bruschetta 16
-Tacos 17
-Lentil Tomato Soup 18
-Refreshing Cucumber Salad 19

-Pasta Alfredo 20
-Crab Cakes 21
-Lemon Pepper Chicken 22
-Curried Peanut Noodles 23
-Avocado Mac and Cheese 24

-Chocolate Chip Cookies 25
-Carrot Gingerbread Muffins 26
-Dark Chocolate Brownies 27
-Vanilla Cake 28
-Chocolate Ganache 29

I can't wait to get feedback from all of you!

Talk soon ;)

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