Wow. I can't believe it! We did it! George Bush is out and Barack Obama will be our next president. Last night was amazing here in Philadelphia! At around 11pm, when the news broke, people flooded into the streets. I ran down to Broad Street, a few blocks from my apartment, to join the others and before I knew it there were thousands of people in the streets.

Cars we stopping, honking their horns, and people were crying, screaming, and jumping for joy! I followed the masses down to city hall and before I knew it there were masses of people pouring in form all directions. Everyone hugging and high-fiving each other. I have never seen anything like it.

The mass of many thousands of people marched down to Independence Hall, about 16 blocks away, and gathered in the streets there. At one point everyone even sang the national anthem together. Truely unbelievable!!! Then, everyone marched back to Broad Street, by this time it was 1:30 am, and when we returned even more thousands of people had arrived there.

The police could even do anything, we walked through traffic lights and stopped traffic totally, but no one seemed to mind. People just honked and waved! By the time I went back in to my apartment, around 2, everyone was still going strong! It was such an amazing thing to see. Let's hope change has really arrived for us all!! We deserve it!

And to top things off, Prop two passed in California, which will bring at least a little relief to some factory farmed animals!

Here are some pictures I took, sorry they aren't the best, but I took them with my iPhone.

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