The power of verbal communication

Take a close look at the two photos above. It is so clear that the pig at the bottom is in complete and utter distress, while the pig at the top is full of happiness. While we may not be able to communicate with non-human beings through the use of language, these two photos make it obvious that we hold the ability to empathize and communicate with them in every other way.
While you may be unable to speak the language of another human, you can certainly detect whether or not the person is happy, sad, or in danger. Non-human beings are no different in the same sense, they are able to non-verbally communicate feelings of joy, anger, and pain just the same as any other being, so why are we so quick to discredit their feelings when they are so apparent? It may be for the simple fact that most of us do not face the very beings that we exploit on a daily basis.
Imagine a living hell, so cruel and relentless that death is the closest thing to peace that you would ever come close to. That is what these beings are forced to go through from birth until death, yet they have no voice that we can understand, they cannot fight for their own right to live, and they are most certainly not even considered by the human beings that are the only ones who can stop it.
If only they could speak up and organize themselves, they most certainly would not endure the suffering that they have been for thousands of years. Most people would agree that every living being on this earth deserves as much of a right to be here than any other, but unfortunately our actions to do not reflect our thoughts. For those who cannot speak our language, are ignored, abused, tortured, killed, kicked, beaten, shot, skinned, mutilated, confined, and hidden from the very beings who support these actions.
If only they spoke our language, image how different their lives would be.

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