Is your vitamin D vegan?

Most companies that produce vegan products use a vitamin D source that is not of animal origin, but some companies just don't realize that the vitamin D they are using is animal derived. Whenever you buy a fortified food such as cereal, soymilk, or even margarine, after doing the usual ingredient checklist, you may want to double check that vitamin D. On the ingredients list, you will either see it say vitamin D2 or vitamin D3. Vitamin D2 is derived strictly from plant sources, but vitamin D3 is derived from animals and therefore is NOT VEGAN. I would also just double check anything you have at home right now, because I have heard that there are still some companies using vitamin D3 to fortify. If you find this, I would stop buying this product and contact the company immediately to make them aware of the situation and tell them you are no longer buying their product until they change the source. Let me know if anyone runs across any vitamin D3. Make sure you check back soon, as I will be posting some important information you need to know concerning vitamin B12 and food labels!

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