Johnny Weir is ugly inside and out

Johnny Weir recently came out as being gay, as if everyone and their grandmother didn't already know that, but he also just came out with a few more things. Johnny "created" a few pieces of "fashion" for Adrienne Landau's fall 2011 collection, which premiered at New York Fashion Week. Really, what kind of gay man would Johnny be if he didn't dabble in a bit fashion design?

Not only were Johnny's "designs" hideous, but he showed us once again how hideous his personality is as well. His deathly designs consisted mainly of fur. You know, the skins of murdered foxes, rabbits, minks, and chinchillas? While one might make the argument that fur is no morally different from leather or wool, which is true, what makes this so atrocious is Johnny's apathetic comments towards the issue.

You might remember when Johnny was confronted last year about his fox fur trim on his skating outfits. His callous response to that ordeal was, "I totally get the dirtiness of the fur industry and how terrible it is to animals. But it's not something that's the number one priority in my life. There are humans dying everyday. There are thousands if not millions of homeless people in New York City. Look at what just happened in Haiti. I tend to focus my energy, if there is a cause, on humans. While that may be callous and bad of me, it's my choice."

It looks as though Johnny hasn't had much of a change in emotions since last year. Nope, instead, when asked about the fur in his new "designs" a year after the fox fur incident, Johnny had this to say, "I'm a firm believer in real fur. I don't believe in fake fur. Despite having death threats and people wanting me to be hurt because I wear fur, that makes me more aggressive in my choice to wear fur. It's my choice. And I feel like everyone is entitled to that. This is America, after all."

Clearly, Johnny has no remorse for the countless animals that are captured, abused, and skinned alive everyday to supply the hideous fur industry. Instead, he tries to make the ridiculous argument that he's more concerned about people than animals, as if you can't care about both. He also tries to rationalize his "choice" by making it seem like the American way. At the end of the day, Johnny is just another heartless bastard who's ugly inside and out.

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  1. He's over the top, unoriginal and tasteless.



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