Primal Strips Meatless Jerky!

Okay, people. I have a shameless product promotion for you. Just to be clear, I do not post for any products that I didn't actually like ;) I thought I wasn't going to like these meatless jerkies, but they were actually good! Most of the vegan jerky products I've tried before were far too dry and hard, but these actually have a moist, meaty texture to them.

They come in six exciting flavors and my favorite was Thai Peanut. Mesquite Lime was pretty tasty also. I was actually surprised that even my 17-year-old, non-vegan sister liked them. My favorite part about this product is that the label has a cute little stick person hugging a cow with a heart hovering above them!

It looks like they have some of these snacks over at Vegan Essentials, for those who are interested. I wish I would have remembered that when I placed a large order through them last week. Oh well, I need to run and interview Dallas Rising for my podcast, which I assume you will all be listening to when it's released. Right? ;)

Be back soon!

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