Testing Recipes, Vegan Drinks, Facebook, etc...

Today is a busy day and this has been quite a busy week for me. Today is not only the presidential inauguration, but also my first day of the spring semester. I'm taking Nutrition Microbiology, Nutrition Application in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, and Experimental Foods. I have also been testing recipes for the Urban Vegan's upcoming cookbook during the past couple of days. This gumbo was just the thing I needed to give me some relief from the winter freeze we're in here in Philadelphia.


I normally don't like okra, but it was alright in this. Probably because I couldn't taste the slimy secretions.

I also experimented with help from the Urban Vegan, on pan frying plantains. They have quite a bland flavor and unique texture, though they're not offensive.


In other news, I have been quite a busy bee on Twitter and Facebook. If you're into Facebook, you can become a fan of Eating Consciously on my fan page listed below, you can also be my friend by clicking my badge on the right sidebar.

Eating Consciously Fan Page

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, I have been busy coordinating the FIRST EVER Vegan Drinks Philly! It will be at my favorite Philadlephia Vegan Restaurant, Horizons! Check out this cool flyer I made ;)

If you're in the area, you can confirm your attendance via Facebook:

Facebook Vegan Drinks Event

You may also confirm your attendance by emailing me: eatingconsciously@gmail.com

Invite all your friends, because this is likely to become a monthly event if all goes well. Alright, well I've got some recipes and school work to get started on! Be back soon!

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  1. Oh man, good luck on all those classes- Sounds like a demanding schedule!

  2. I don't like okra either...blech. Even if it tastes okay, I also can't stand the slimy.

  3. @bittersweetblog Thanks! I'm going to need it :)

    @Gina I know! Okra is the weirdest thing ever! Okay, maybe not THE weirdest LOL

  4. You sound like my hubby who doesn't like okra--but I have hidden it upon occasion. So are you going to post the recipe ??



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