New Vegan Restaurant

So, there's a new vegan restaurant here in Philadelphia. It's called Mi Lah Vegetarian and I had dinner there a few nights ago. All of the food was delicious and it's a bit more upscale than most vegan restaurants here in Philly. I mean, it's no Horizons, but it's certainly not far behind.

I had African Sweet Potato Patties and Pumpkin Dumplings for appetizers. Both were scrumptious. Unfortunately, I forgot to grab a picture before I gobbled them up. :(

I did happen to snag a picture of my entree, which was Jerk Seitan Skewers! Yummmmmmmmmmmy!!!!! And very spicy! Served over mango couscous.

Also, I forgot to get a picture of the desserts I had :( I tried the Chocolate Cake and Peanut Butter Custard, which was my favorite!! The Peanut Butter Custard almost had the consistency of warm cookie dough. They were both served with Temptation ice cream ;)

So, if you are in or around Philly, I highly recommend checking this place out.

Stay tuned for more Urban Vegan recipe testings and I promise I'll get a new podcast out soon and I have a video to put up for my seitan noodle soup!

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