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If you have been listening to my podcasts, you may have heard me talk about the interview I did with CNN. It finally got published and the article features a picture of me and my pups! You can red the full article here. Unfortunately, she quoted me incorrectly and made a statement that I think veganism is good for the environment because it stops animal slaughter and exploitation. That is false and I did mention to her about greenhouse gases emitted by animal agriculture, oceanic collapse, and rainforest devastation. I guess she didn't get what I was saying? At least we're spreading the vegan message!

Here are some interesting excerpts:

In that regard, 22-year-old Ed Coffin of Philadelphia is ahead of the curve. Coffin drives a fuel-efficient Smart car, schleps his groceries in reusable bags and eschews chemical cleansers in favor of lemon juice and vinegar. He's also a vegan, a lifestyle he feels is environmentally sensitive because it saves animals from slaughter and exploitation.

To help show others how palatable vegan living can be, Coffin even brings his cuisine with him when visiting friends and family -- enough for his own meal and a sample for others.

"To them, it seems a little overwhelming and they don't know how I can find the time to cook these things," Coffin says. "It's really important to me to make things that will appeal to people and help break their stereotypes."

Even Coffin's dogs, a pair of Chihuahuas named Luna and Chico, are vegan, chowing down on meat-free commercial pet food produced abroad.

Ed's mother accepts her son's lifestyle, vegan Chihuahuas and all. It took awhile, though.

"He can be a little overzealous talking about everything that interests him with the environment," says Dawn Coffin, 49, a home health aide from Mullica Hill, New Jersey. "To a person who's not like that, it's kind of stressful, but at the same time, I back him 100 percent."

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