Oprah today!

Not too sure on all the details, but make sure you watch Oprah today. She is doing an episode called "How We Treat the Animals We Eat". It should be a historic and eye-opening event for many people across the country. Be sure and check it out and for more detailed information visit her website.


For anyone that got to see this today, it was unfortunate how the topic was addressed. I will talk more about this on my next podcast episode as this is certainly a topic for discussion. I will say this, if you took notice, they showed how "good" the lives of animals on free-range farms are, but they omitted the slaughtering process and failed to even allude to the fact that that is the only purpose of those farms' existence...

The animals on free-range farms, happy or unhappy as they may be while alive, are all being just as exploited and used as commodities as any factory farmed animals. The first guest even said he eats meat, but recognizes the story behind it. That's like a child molester saying that they realize the suffering of the children while they molest them. Think about it.

Also, we're still doing to tofu tips, but these last two posts were news-worthy interruptions. Should be back with another tofu tip real soon! ;)

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  1. Thanks for posting about this. An acquaintance in an online vegetarian community had mentioned this (then upcoming) episode and I'd been curious about it. From what I'd read on Oprah's site, it sounded as if it was going to be another "happy meat" vs. "factory farmed meat" story, basically attempting to portray the eating of non-factory-farmed animals as ethical.

    Your point about "conscious meat eating" being akin to child molesters realizing the suffering of the children they molest is bang-on and is similar to comparisons I've tried to use to explain my own thoughts and feelings about this whole "happy meat" movement that Michael Pollan's kick-started. (You may get a kick out of Gary Francione's work, by the way, if you haven't checked him out already.)

    I look forward to hearing your podcast episode!



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