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Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, but I have been out of town on business selling teas for the company I work with. I am in the NYC area visiting all the Whole Foods stores and will be off to Greenwich, CT early next week. I visited the new TriBeCa Whole Foods location today and I must say it is huge! They have two checkout areas, where you must wait in color-assigned lines and wait for the flat screen to display your color and inform you as to which register you must go to. Amazing coordination they have there.

Since I'm doing so much driving around, I decided to put my new bumper sticker to good use and spread the vegan message. I drive a yellow Smart car,

so that little sticker surely gets lots of attention!

I have a generous food allowance, but I have been living off Whole Foods hot bar,

vegan scones, kombucha tea, and vegan dumplings for the past 3 days.

I honestly don't feel like maneuvering my way into Manhattan to eat at a good vegan restaurant, but I think I may head over to Gobo on Sunday. It's a great casual/upscale vegan/vegetarian restaurant with two locations in Manhattan. One up town and one in the village. I highly recommend it.

I have actually been finding tons of amazing vegan stuff at the whole foods hot bar. I do offer two suggestions though. 1) Be careful to check their tofu and other vegetarian dishes for eggs and honey. 2) Stay away from anything with beans, because they do not know how to cook them. I've gotten white beans, black beans, and edamame so far, and every time they have not been cooked long enough. The black beans tasted like they hadn't been cooked at all. Normally I just deal with it, but undercooked beans can cause some serious GI distress. Without being sprouted or thoroughly cooked, our bodies cannot break down the sugars in the beans, which is why they are such a gaseous food.

In other news, we're experiencing a tropical storm here in the Northeast.

Tropical storm Hannah began dumping rain and bringing winds here early this afternoon. How exciting!

Well, I'm going to get back to doing some work for now, I'll keep you updated on my travels. Also, if you're not my friend on twitter, you should be. ;)

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