AR Conference Day 1 Recap

MMM...I just got finished eating a delicious Temptation vegan cookie dough ice cream cone! One of the many great vegan goodies I have discovered here so far. Not surprisingly, I did not find time to get in a blog post yesterday, which was the start of the conference, so I am recapping it for you now. I arrived around 5 pm, ate dinner and attended the opening ceremony. I cannot believe the quality of the food the hotel has been providing us.

Here's a look at what I had for dinner: Whole wheat penne with kalamata olives, a vegan "stuffed chicken breast", broccoli rabe, and a salad with beets and garbanzo beans. Amazing!

After dinner, I attended the opening ceremonies and got a recap on the current issues in animal rights. I heard some inspiring people speak about topics such as the wildlife services attack on grey wolves, whale protection by Sea Shepherd, and the continued vivisection being conducting at facilities such as Huntington Life Sciences. I also finally got to meet the Traveling Vegetarian. It so amazing to be around so many like-minded individuals and very encouraging to see how we are making great strides towards a more compassionate world. Although, there continues to be plenty of work to be done for us to spread the message.

I'll surely get another post up this evening to recap today's events. I already listened to some great talks about various vegan topics, but you will have to wait until later to find out what it's all about. I'm gonna go head down and catch another talk, then eat dinner. I can't wait to see what it's going to be!

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