Jimmy Kimmel Lies!

I knew Oprah's "vegan" cleanse would not do much to promote veganism as a way of life. How could it when she's was referring to it as a cleanse? I remember listening to Vegan Freaks where they had mentioned that her cleanse will probably affirm to many people their thought that veganism is a "restrictive" diet since she was also giving up alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and wheat.

It turns out they were right! Last night, Jimmy Kimmel addressed the end of Oprah's 21-day cleanse. He clearly stated, "Oprah Winfrey has successfully completed her 21-day vegan cleanse, which I knew she would, to be vegan you have to give up sugar, alcohol, meat, fish, eggs, and cheese. That means for 21 days all Oprah was eating was fruit, nuts, and thousand-dollar bills."

Last time I checked, as a vegan, I can enjoy many types of alcohol and sugar whenever I want. I realize this segment was for entertainment, but when he explained what you have to give up to be "vegan" I believe that was in all seriousness. Check it out for yourself through the link above, it's on show 7.11.08 and is at about 5:15 into the show. Maybe we should all write the show and get him to apologize because that statement was completely false and incredibly offensive.

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