Soy is making kids GAY and getting your podcast on!

First, skim through this article that my friend had brought to my attention earlier today. It entitled "Soy makes kids gay" and it's really upsetting to know that this type of information is out there for people to find.


I hope you would take this article with a grain of salt because it's so problematic for so many reasons. First of all, it mentions all of these "studies", but isn't specific about which study they are referring to and the thing you need to keep in mind is that a lot of these ridiculous studies are funded by animal enterprises. It's really sick that information like this even gets out there.

Also, when they do these "studies" they are often using soy concentrates in amounts so high that no human would be able to consume it through a regular diet. You never see studies where they look at the actual bean itself, it's always some weird concentrated form.

What I will say is that many people are developing allergies to soy as this article mentions because they are using soy in nearly all processed foods. That's why it's so important to try and limit the processed stuff as much as possible. Most soy I consume is in the form of whole beans (edamame), tofu, tempeh, and soymilk all of which are so minimally processed they are practically considered whole foods.

If you think about it, "soy is making kids gay", how absurd does that sound to you? The thing to remember is that when it comes down to it, we're talking about a bean. A bean that has been around since the beginning of human development that we have consumed for tens of thousands of years. It's no different from a chickpea, or a pinto bean, or a black bean, or any other bean.

My opinion is that we need to stop breaking down nutrients into these concentrated, isolated forms, and begin studying them as they actually are consumed and work within our bodies. For more information on this, I highly recommend you listen to a podcast episode by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau called "Soy is Not Evil". You can listen to it here, feed://feeds.feedburner.com/vegetarianfoodforthought , or on iTunes.

Here's some info in how to use podcasts if your not familiar:

To download the free podcast episodes, you have two options. You can either do it through iTunes, or you can go right to the website and download the shows individually. With iTunes, it will automatically update whenever there is a new episode, so that is why I like that way better. Here is exactly how to access podcasts:

To use iTunes:

-Open iTunes
-Click iTunes store on the left
-In the upper right hand corner, type into the search box "Vegetarian Food for Thought"
-Under podcast, you will see "Vegetarian Food for Thought" by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
-Click on the button that says "subscribe"
-On the left side, under "library", you will see "podcasts", click on that
-You should see "Vegetarian Food for Thought", it will automatically download the latest episode for you and will download new ones whenever they are available
-You can also click the arrow to see past shows and download them too by clicking "get all"

To use the website:

-Go to feed://feeds.feedburner.com/vegetarianfoodforthought
-You will see the title of each episode, a description, and the mp3 file for each episode
-To download an episode, just click on the mp3 file for that episode
-It should automatically download to your computer
-Remember, doing it this way, you need to check back for new episodes, that is why I think iTunes is easier to get the podcast episodes

You can use these same instructions to get any podcasts for that. You can even go into the iTunes store and browse through all the podcasts and maybe find some other ones you like too, there are hundreds of them.

(There are many podcast catchers you can use besides iTunes, but I'm just using it for this example because I find it the easiest to use.)

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