The European Food Safety Agency release a report on Friday that milk and meat from cloned animals poses no special health risks. This means it is highly probable that meat and dairy production from cloned animals will begin to go into production in the European Union. While the clones were notably prone to more diseases, it was assured that these animals would be promptly removed from the food chain. This ruling may reflect the USDA's ruling on cloned animals which is expected later this month. Apparently, there is already a cloning meat industry in the US just waiting for the OK. So, just when you thought the meat and diary industry couldn't possibly exploit animals more than they already are, THEY CAN AND THEY PROBABLY WILL!

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  1. Hearing that the cloned animals are more disease prone than regular animals, it almost sounds similar to when you make a copy of an analog recording like a cassette or VHS tape. With each new copy of the last copy you get more garbage in the mix. Only this time its people's health and well being that is at risk. That claim that the sick animals will be promptly removed from the food chain is a load of crock. If they can't keep the animals healthy now how can they keep the more disease prone animals healthy and disease free?

    On a lighter note, this reminds me of the Michael Keaton movie 'Multiplicity' where he gets cloned. The copies of him are then copied and they become dumber because they are copies of copies. Pretty funny.



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