Quantum Entanglement with Food and Animals

I have been thinking about this topic a lot and I believe you will find it interesting as it can be applied to what we eat and how we connect with animals. If you are unfamiliar with the theory of quantum entanglement, I will give a brief explanation, but I encourage you to get an introduction to the topic by reading the book, What the Bleep Do We Know?! It is available on my recommended books list. They also have made it into a documentary.

Quantum physics/mechanics attempts to explain the science of the small; quantum particles that react very differently than normally studied atoms and molecules. What is has given us is a new view on science as we know it and also seems to show some very strong evidence that we are all connected through one universal energy. Entanglement defies space and time, let me explain how. Quantum studies has shown that when two particles are entangled, no matter how far apart we put them, what happens to one, instantly happens to the other! Normal science would say there must be a time delay, but there is not, no matter how great the distance.

What does all this mean? What it may mean is that we are all connected at the most basic quantum level by the same energy. Which would mean we are connected to plants and animals in the same way we are connected to each other. Although we do not know exactly how animals and plants perceive the world, we are connected to them through the same energy that connects us to everything in the universe. Could that explain the feelings you get when you look an animal in the eye, or are attracted to that bunch of spinach in the grocery store? I believe it just may.

If you are interested by what I have just explained I highly recommend you look into quantum physics and mechanics. There are many books and free information available online. Let me know what you think about this topic, I'd love to know how others feel about this information.

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