Why hemp?

For vegans, hemp is a wonder food! It contains all the essential amino acids and a perfect balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. It is a great source of protein, fat, and also contains some vitamins and minerals.

Oh, and let's not forget what else hemp can do!

Animal Uses

You have probably seen hemp in the store, right? Yes, that is because the difference between industrial hemp and marijuana is that industrial hemp contains less that 1%, but usually closer to 0% THC. Now for the kicker, the good old USA still considers industrial hemp to be a controlled, abusive substance. Therefore, WE CAN NOT GROW HEMP IN THE US, BUT WE CAN IMPORT THE FULL GROWN, HARVESTED PLANTS AND DO WHATEVER WE PLEASE WITH THEM! Does this make any sense? No, of course not!

I just saw a great documentary called, "Standing Silent Nation", which follows a group of Native Americans in the midwest as they are arrested and threatened with jail sentences for growing hemp to sustain themselves! Meanwhile, Canada is our main hemp supplier, but before we get it, they ship it to China to be processed and finally back to us! Industrial hemp has so many uses, includiung alternative fuel, that there us no reason we should not be able to grow it here.

Please join the crusade to end this injustice and head on over to www.votehemp.com

Check out this video from 1942, by the USDA, for hemp!

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