Local, schmocal... take that locavores!

I always hear people make the argument that eating locally grown meats are just oh, so good for the environment. Yet, how far the food has traveled is almost irrelevant when you factor in the nitrous oxide and methane produced by raising livestock. Not to mention the amount of unnecessary energy used to produce animal products. According to a recent study in Environmental Science and Technology, a completely local diet is the equivalent to driving 1,000 miles less per year, but a vegan diet is the equivalent of driving 8,120 less per year. Imagine if we were vegan locavores! So, the next time your criticized by an "earth-saving" locavore, it may be useful to remind them that their actions are not particularly coinciding with their beliefs. Is eating local helpful? Absolutely. Is it a means to an end? Absolutely not! Go vegans!

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  1. Can't you just do your part the way that's best for you and I can do my part without criticizing each other at all? I don't want to be a vegan. I limit the amount of meat and dairy I eat, and what I do eat is raised as sustainably and humanely as possible. :::shrug:::

    Don't assume that because my choices are different from yours that thers' some implied criticism.

  2. valereee,

    As my post clearly states, I'm only criticizing those who criticize. Any vegan will tell you that we are often attacked by so-called locavores in discussions, books, and many op-ed pieces. Vegans are often accused of not being environmentally friendly because much of what we eat is unavailable locally. I'm simply giving fellow vegans a little something to stand on when faced with the arguement of not eating locally. I'm just presenting the evidence to those who attack, don't take it personally. ;)

  3. Actually, you said you 'always' hear the argument that locally grown meats are just oh, so good for the environment. I've heard a lot more arguments to the contrary than arguments that locavorism is somehow superior to veganism. I literally cannot remember any locavore saying that. They may be saying locavorism is good, but I don't think I've heard anyone implying that means 'and veganism is not as good.'

  4. Valeree,

    I am sorry if you were seriously offended by my post. Keep in mind that my readers are primarily vegan and my writing style is often tongue-in-cheek. In my experience, probably because I am vegan, I have often been challenged with this argument. This is merely my own personal response and opinion. Take it or leave it.

  5. I wasn't offended. I just think that both locavores and vegans, when they are under attack, are likely to be under attack by the same people -- people who are neither vegan nor trying to eat more locally. The "go ahead and be a vegan -- I'll eat your share of the meat" crowd. We should be supporting one another. We're on the same side of a lot of important issues.

    Your typical reader may be vegan, but your blog profile says you're trying to advocate veganism. I would think this means you hope people who aren't vegan will also find you, as otherwise you're just preaching to the choir.

    And, yes, I know that it was at least somewhat tongue-in-cheek -- the 'local schmocal' made that clear. But still, the post was about being criticized by locavores. Claiming attack, even in a lighthearted way, from a group that is actually quite likely to be very supportive of you (I was a vegetarian for 20 years for ethical and environmental reasons and only reverted to omnivorism two years ago when I discovered I could source humanely, sustainably-raised meats), is quite likely to elicit a defense from someone who happens across it and thinks, "Well, wait a minute. It's not us criticizing you."

    I don't mean this to be some huge criticism of you, either. I know it probably sounds that way -- it's so hard online to not come across as more serious than you are. Again, I wasn't offended. I even think it's a great subject to get into -- why does ANYONE feel they need to criticize either of us for our food choices? Is it that by making these choices, they feel we are making some implied criticism of their choices? -- but when I see something in a blog that I think is worth commenting on, I like to comment.

  6. Makes sense. Thanks for your thorough response. I agree 100%, we need to be able to live and let live. Don't get me wrong either, I support local food (well, not the animal products obviously) and buy it as often as possible. Many of my close friends are locavores as well. And by all means, comment away, makes for good reading to see different points of view. By the way, I enjoyed your post about the asparagus movie, I'm gonna have to watch it!



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