Responses to my previous post on 2/2/08

I finally got some replies to my post on dietitian central, which I blogged about on 2/2/08. You can scroll down, or read it here: . All of the responses were very positive and helpful except for this one:

"If you don't care what people think, why are you asking. It isn't about you dear. If you are able to advise people that don't want to be a vegetarian then go for it. If you can not, this is not the field for you. Get over yourself."

Here's what I replied:

"I said I didn't care what other people thought because I knew I would get some negative responses from people such as yourself. In this case, I really don't care about your negative opinion, but I just wanted to comment on something you brought up, which is the fact of having to deal with people that don't want to adopt a vegetarian diet and getting over myself. I don't plan on being able to help anyone through my counseling that doesn't have the ability to make dietary changes to improve their own quality of life and the lives of those around them. I also don't need to get over myself, because a vegan lifestyle is the epitome of being over yourself. Contrary to the stereotype of vegan moral superiority, it's not about that, it's about improving and respecting the lives of all beings (human and non-human) and nurturing our environment in crisis. The only person that really needs to get over themselves is you, since you apparently do not have the ability to empathize for others and get past your own barriers. I am only speaking my truth, take it or leave it, and there is no need for me to change my own personal values to make someone else feel better about the harm they are causing to themselves and others. People that are unwilling to accept the fact that their food choices do impact their own health, the well-being of others, and our environment are the ones who really need to get over themselves."

Do you think I got the point across?

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