Don't worry about heart attacks...

if you're vegan that is. According to multiple studies, people who consume a completely vegan, or near-vegan diet, can almost guarantee themselves that they will never suffer a heart attack. This is because, as you know, plant foods do not contain cholesterol, which builds up in your arteries, breaks off, clogs an opening, restricts blood flow, and causes you to suffer a heart attack. The average U.S. vegan has a cholesterol level of 133, whereas the average U.S. vegetarian is 161, and the average U.S. citizen is at 210! While there are other factors that contribute towards your risk of a heart attack, the benefits of a low cholesterol level are astounding! According to William Castelli, M.D., Director of the Framingham Health Study, anyone with a cholesterol level under 150, is practically guaranteed to never suffer a heart attack.

Want to learn more? Find out more about about this and a plethora of other interesting facts about the consumption of a vegan diet in John Robbins latest book, "The Food Revolution". It is available on the right side of the page in my Amazon recommended reading list. I highly recommend checking it out, very informative and well written.

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