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Below I have copied and pasted this blog from www.philafoodie.blogspot.com . Something needs to be done about this, but I'm not really sure what we can do. If anyone is in, or around the Philadelphia area, please leave a comment and maybe we can work together to coordinate some sort of protest.

Philadelphia Chefs for Choice invites you to Freedom Foie for Five: a special celebration of foie gras. All next week, the week of October 1, both for lunch and dinner, you will be able to sample this deliciously controversial dish for only $5 at the 20 participating restaurants listed below.

Here is the mission statement that these 20 chefs and restaurateurs have endorsed:

We, the chefs and restaurateurs of Philadelphia, listed below, believe in the freedom of choice, for ourselves and our clients.

As chefs, we believe in the humane and natural husbandry of animals, and are dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients. As business people, we want to be able to decide what to put on our menus.

We do not believe that a minority of animal rights zealots should determine the direction of our business. Nor do we want to be intimidated by them at our restaurants or homes. We want the City Council to know that these few do not represent the whole of Philadelphia.

In the city of Philadelphia, the birthplace of American liberty, we want to keep the right to serve foie gras.

Bistro 7—Michael H. O’Halloran
Brasserie Perrier—Chris Scarduzio
CaffĂ© Casta Diva—Stephen Vassalluzzo
Caribou CafĂ©—Olivier de Saint Martin
Django—Ross Essner
Lacroix at the Rittenhouse—Matt Levin
Le Bec-Fin—Georges Perrier
Little Fish—Mike Stollenwerk
London Grill—Terry McNally
Matyson—Matt Spector
Osteria—Jeff Michaud
Rylei Restaurant—Jose Vargas
Salt and Pepper—Shawn Ford
Standard Tap—Paul Kimport
Studio Kitchen—Shola Olunloyo
Susanna Foo—Susanna Foo
Twenty21—Sue Mahoney
Vetri—Marc Vetri
Vintage—Jason & Delphine Evenchik
Zinc—Barbara de Saint Martin

UPDATE 9/29/07: Bistro 7, Django, Studio Kitchen and Osteria will not be participating in the Foie for Five event. And according to Food and Drinq, Stephen Vassalluzzo at Caffe Casta Diva is on the fence. But add N.3rd to the list of participating restaurants. I just confirmed directly with N. 3rd that Peter Dunmire has jumped on board and will be participating in the Foie for Five event.

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  1. Foie gras is really such a disgusting food. Even a lot of non-vegetarians (at least that I've seen) regard it as incredibly cruel and inhumane.

    The mission statement from them is totally ridiculous "As chefs, we believe in the humane and natural husbandry of animals...", if that is the case, how can you justify serving foie gras? How is force feeding animals until their internal organs are about to fail natural and humane?

    It's good to see that at least a few restaurants are bowing out of it. Are you planning on protesting this somehow? I'm not in the Philly area, but if this were happening in Boston, I would jump on the protest fence with you for sure!

    I don't keep up on it, but I have seen some things in the mainstream media the last couple of years about cities and states outlawing foie gras. I believe California is one of them. Go Ahnold! We just need Arnold to go veggie or vegan now!

    P.S. I just stumbled across your blog from Yeah That Vegan Shit blog. I enjoy your posts and will be tuning in in the future- keep up the good work!



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